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Free Product Editions

Install the Free Edition of any of our converters by clicking on a link below.

The Free Editions of our converters are only limited in the number of lines of code that can be converted in a single conversion.

The EULA (End User License Agreement) for each converter can be found here.

Uninstall instructions can be found here.

See our Support page for the latest build dates.

All of our converters require Windows with version 4.0 or higher of the .NET Framework.

Order the Standard Edition of any of our products on our order page. After ordering, you will receive a registration code which unlocks the Standard Edition of the converter.

We use the terms "VB" and "VB.NET" interchangeably. Both refer to the modern Visual Basic language.

We appreciate feedback on our products.  Send your comments, feature requests, or descriptions of any problems that you encountered to us at: support@tangiblesoftwaresolutions.com

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